Welcome to the NEW Doombxny.com

Self taught Artist/ Graphic designer/ Photographer/ Musician - I've been drawing since early childhood, mostly Disney stuff & other cartoons until JHS when I became a fan of comic book art!

Early on, I derived my style from comic artists like Todd McFarlane, Art Adams, Erik Larsen & Rob Liefeld; eventually I evolved my own style from what I learned from my fav comics & artists.

In 2004, I came up with the idea to put some semi offensive designs on shirts. Mostly inspired by a "snatch" a Snapple parody Tee, I parodied logos & movies into offensive designs but with no means, that idea was merely a dream.

For 2 years, I did my early work with Microsoft word until 2006 when I began learning Photoshop to continue working on my designs. Later that year, I discovered the site cafepress.com where I could upload my designs & sell T-shirts online.

Since then I've been doing my best to keep my stuff fresh, original & as offensive as possible to stay ahead of the competition. Soon after I started selling T-shirts online, I began graphic/ logo design & got deeper into my love of photography.

I try to learn a little of everything in order to be a well rounded artist.From doing random graff on the streets in my teen years and comic book art at home I bring you the best of both worlds with an over the edge sense of humor & a no hair on my tongue attitude.

I love all things art!

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